Our Business Principles

We have established a number of core principles, which lie at the heart of who we are and how we operate. We believe these principles are essential for long-term success and for achieving our investment performance goal.

Our clients always come first
By focusing on the interests of our clients, and aligning ourselves with those interests, we create a durable partnership, where success is mutual.

Our reputation is our biggest asset. We will do everything to avoid damage to our reputation
As stewards of our clients’ capital, we earn our integrity and trust. We adhere to the letter and spirit of the law and regulations, because ethical behaviour is the foundation upon which to build long-term relationships and our business. We expect high ethical standards from our colleagues both at work and in their private lives.

We look to recruit the best
We work in a small team, where each person’s contribution weighs heavily. You have to be both talented and passionate at what you do. That’s why we are uncompromising in our selection of new colleagues.

We aim for excellence in everything we do
In our quest to become a leading player in global small-caps, we know that anything less than aiming for excellence means we’re not pushing hard enough. It means going the extra mile in everything we do, and continuously improving our processes.

We believe teams can achieve more and more effectively
Working in a team ensures a dynamic of optimism and high standards, while allowing constructive criticism and feedback to get the best possible outcome for our clients and our fund.

We are a company that celebrates diversity in all respects
We believe diversity creates a more attractive work environment and a better connection to the world we live and operate in.

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