Our Clients

Our specialised investment strategy is aimed at institutional investors and sophisticated individuals. Currently, we count foundations as well as wealthy private individuals among our clients. Many of our clients have been business-owners and often still are involved in entrepreneurial activities. Our strategy is especially well-suited for experienced investors who understand the benefits of long-term equity investment as well as the risks associated with small-cap investing.

The strategy is managed with an owner’s mindset. We invest for the long term in the companies we identify as having attractive long-term prospects; we don’t believe in flipping stocks for a trade. Our focus is not on the next quarter’s results. Rather, we believe in the power of compounding that occurs when we invest in a great business over many years. We so strongly believe in this philosophy that we invest our own capital in the strategy. Underscoring the entrepreneurial spirit of our firm, the founding portfolio managers are shareholders in the investment manager itself.

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