Citywire awards SilverCross’ portfolio managers with AAA-rating

SilverCross is proud to relay that its Portfolio Managers, Mr. Simons and Mr. Andrews, have been awarded an AAA rating by Citywire, the highest possible rating. The rating is based on the Fund’s 3-year performance in relation to the risk it has taken. Out of a total universe of 13,500 fund managers Citywire tracks, less than 2.5% are awarded an AAA rating.
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David SimonsCitywire awards SilverCross’ portfolio managers with AAA-rating

SilverCross awarded 5-star Morningstar™ rating

Morningstar, a leader in independent investment research, has recognised SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund with its highest-available 5-Star rating in the ‘global small-cap’ category. Only the top-10% of products in each product category receive five stars. SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund also currently ranks number one in terms of three-year total return in that same category. Read More

David SimonsSilverCross awarded 5-star Morningstar™ rating

Patience & Discipline – KAS Selections March 2015

In the March edition of KAS Selections magazine, an article about SilverCross. Read how entrepreneurship is woven into the corporate as well as investment strategy, how our approach differs from other small-cap funds and what we aim for in a couple of years.Read More

David SimonsPatience & Discipline – KAS Selections March 2015

The SilverBullet – 25 March 2015

How SilverCross stays close to the companies it owns

In our third SilverBullet issue, we focus on the extensive travel our investment team undertakes to meet management of the companies in the portfolio. Travel is an essential part of the investment process, as we sometimes jokingly compare Amsterdam to Omaha – both are far removed from the pinnacle of the global financial industry. Read More

David SimonsThe SilverBullet – 25 March 2015

The SilverBullet – 30 January 2015

How Swiss companies thrive despite Swiss Franc appreciation

In our second SilverBullet issue, we focus on the impact of the Swiss Franc appreciation on the stock price performance of Swiss equities. Many people assume that a rising currency is bad for companies reliant on exports and thus negatively affects stock returns. As SilverCross has significant exposure to Swiss companies thanks to its investments in Belimo, Interroll and Panalpina, we wanted to test this assumption and see if this is actually true. Hint: it is not, so read on. Read More

David SimonsThe SilverBullet – 30 January 2015

The SilverBullet – 19 November 2014

“Wide diversification, which necessarily includes investment in mediocre businesses, only guarantees ordinary results” – Charlie Munger

We are regularly asked to explain the benefits of investing in a concentrated portfolio of 25-35 holdings versus a more diversified portfolio. Many people believe that further diversification lowers risk. We believe this is flawed thinking. Many equity managers that invest in a limited number of stocks based on high-conviction have a very strong track record. In this article, we share our thoughts on diversification and the reality behind statistics claiming the underperformance of active managers. We will show that there is no other conclusion: diversification really is diworsification. Read More

silvercrossAdmnThe SilverBullet – 19 November 2014

Global small-cap specialists launch dedicated boutique

CityWire, 6 August 2014

Global small-cap equity managers David Simons and Chris Andrews have set up their own investment firm designed to meet the needs of institutional investors. Read More

silvercrossAdmnGlobal small-cap specialists launch dedicated boutique