Activism ‘Our Way’

Active investment is more than deviating from the benchmark

Active investment is, in our eyes, about selecting the right investments based on ‘absolute’ criteria rather than ‘relative’ criteria. We don’t focus on a benchmark when we select our investments.

We believe that as shareholders, we have a fiduciary duty to be actively involved with the companies in which we invest.  That’s why we take our way of active investment a step further. We see ourselves as long-term partners of the management teams of the companies in which we invest. We make sure they know us, and that they know our views. 

Active involvement is not a goal itself. When management teams take appropriate strategic decisions, we let them excel at what they do.

However, when we believe a management team has an opportunity to make value-enhancing strategic decisions, we enter into a constructive dialogue.

Value-enhancing actions we may focus on include:

  • operational improvements
  • balance sheet restructuring
  • corporate restructuring
  • corporate governance

Our constructive dialogue should help crystallise hidden value in the business, ultimately benefiting all shareholders.

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