Who can invest?

To invest in SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund, you must be an adult Dutch citizen or a Dutch based entity.

Participations in the Fund are qualified for sale in the Netherlands. SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund generally does not pro-actively sell participations to investors residing outside of the Netherlands, even if they are Dutch citizens. Should a foreign investor wish to invest in SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund, it is allowed under the condition that it is entirely on his or her own initiative.

The minimum initial investment amount is Eur 100,000. Any subsequent investments must exceed Eur 25,000.

Dutch law requires all financial institutions, including SilverCross Investment Management, to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person that wishes to buy participations in the Fund. SilverCross Investment Management will ask for identifying documentation as part of your application.

SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund is for sale through IBS Asset Management or through your own advisor. Investors wishing to invest through their own advisor can do so by providing them the following ISIN code: NL0010832242. The custodian that is already in possession of your identifying documentation will not have to provide this information to SilverCross Investment Management.

Before making any decision to invest in SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund, we strongly recommend reading the Prospectus.

SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund

ISIN code: NL0010832242
Bloomberg: SCGSCFA NA
Goal: The Fund’s objective is to seek long-term capital growth.
Universe: The Fund invests in smaller companies (market cap between eur 250m – 5.0bn) listed on stock markets in the developed markets. These markets include but are not limited to Western Europe, North America, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia.
Benchmark: MSCI World Small-cap Index (Total Return Net)

All income generated by the Fund is treated as fiscally transparent. This means any income such as dividends and interest is taxed based on your individual tax position. We recommend you consult your tax advisor about the potential tax consequences. Upon request, a list of all income received by the fund is available for your tax affairs.

For investors whose investments are treated in ‘Box 3’, the value of the Fund as of 1 January of each calendar year must be submitted to the tax authorities without any further requirements relating to income generated by the Fund.

Subscription Procedure

Download the subscription form here. Fill out this form, sign and return by mail or email along with required documentation set out below. Transfer the investment amount to the account number stated on the subscription form.

Please note that your subscription will be processed the first Transaction date following the receipt of the investment amount, which is weekly on Wednesdays, or the first business day thereafter if the Dutch stock market is closed. The Investment Manager has the discretion to determine additional Transaction dates at any time.




SilverCross Global Small-Cap Fund has an ‘open-end’ structure. The Fund will issue or redeem participations on a weekly basis. Participations are issued or redeemed against net asset value (NAV) per participation plus or minus an anti-dilution levy of 0.3%. The levy is charged to protect existing investors from the cost of trading as a result of in- and outflows. Any levies flow back directly to the Fund. For more information about subscription and redemption levies, see the Prospectus.
The Fund encourages its participants to view an investment in the Fund as a long-term holding. Therefore, in case an investor wishes to sell its participations within 90 days after purchase, an anti-dilution levy of 3.0% of net asset value per participation will be incurred by the investor. This penalty serves to discourage frequent trading in Fund participations.

SilverCross is allowed to suspend or limit subscriptions or redemptions in the interest of existing participants. For more information about situations in which this can occur, see the Prospectus.

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